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Accuracy, legibility, beauty. The Shinshu Watch Studio technicians, who created the Spring Drive movement at Seiko, have been able to create a Japanese-style timepiece with this Seiko trademark. The caliber 9RA5 offers a remarkable accuracy of just +10 second per month, while offering a 5-day power reserve.

Eiichi Hiraya is the designer of the 9RA5 and says, "The goal was to make the best Spring Drive Movement." The 9RA5 movement is a movement that celebrates Bell & Ross Replica Watches's 60th Anniversary while introducing a new chapter to its history.

Caliber 9RA5 features several innovations. Two "Dual Side Barrels",Rolex Replica Watches which extend the power reserve of the movement. The caliber features a date change mechanism which reduces the time required to change dates by half compared to conventional mechanisms.

The new Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Caliber 9RA5 2020 Spring Drive with a new baseplate, thermos compensator and new baseplate.

The integrated circuit that controls the accuracy of Spring Drive, the quartz oscillator and the wiring are now housed in a new vacuum-sealed housing. Hiraya says, "During the development process we faced a challenge." "Incorporating (the movement's) temperature-correction function into the vacuum package required a separate power source to activate the feature, and the consumption current had to be kept at 45nA – the same as the consumption current for a conventional integrated chip. It took many trials and errors to find the best mechanism under these strict restrictions.

Hiraya's team was also given the task of slimming down a movement.Omega Constellation Replica Watches Slimmer movements make for thinner watches, as the center of gravity is moved closer to the wrist. This allows for a more comfortable timepiece. The 9RA5 movement is not compromised by its thinner design.

The team was inspired by nature when designing the first edition of the Caliber 9RA5 watch. The team chose to use a winter theme and used frost-covered trees, a starry night sky, and frosty tree leaves as inspiration for the movement's surfaces.

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